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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 17, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning, huge news for philadelphia. now, finally the pope confirming that, yes, he will be in philadelphia, for the 2015 world meeting of families. of course, thisthere is has log been a rumor. finally we hear it from the man himself making that announce n rome. you may remember back in 1979, pope john paul ii visit visited fill any his papal mass, more than a million people to the ben franklin parkway. we are told by officials here this morning, that pope francis' papal mass will a track more than 2 million people. huge news this morning. again coming from rome there is morning, the archbishop charles chaput was thereto hear it along with the philadelphia delegation of the world meeting of families, see some of them here in the video from rome earlier this year, now those exact details of the papal visit will be released in the spring or summer of creeks year, but archdioces did announce likely the pope that will visit in the closing events of this whole event.
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one of those events called the festival of families, on saturday, september 26th, and the papal mass on sunday, the 27th. of course, both event are open to the public, and both will be held on the ben franklin parkway in the heart of philadelphia, organizers of course have been planning for this for months already, but now, that it is confirm, that the pope is coming, there will really start to ramp up the work and the planning here, when he will arrive, where he will stay, all of the security of course, after all there is papal mass will expected to attract 2 million people. >> it is going to be tough. but if anybody can do it, and do it well, it is philadelphia. >> this pope is a pope who makes up his own schedule. he is not scheduled very well. he loves to come and go and certainly a pope of the people. >> now, again there is morning, archbishop chaput made this announcement there is statement reading in part: i am overjoyed by pope francis announcement that he will join with us for the world meeting of families in philadelphia
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next year. a hallmark of his papacy has been a keen focus on the many challenges that families face today, globally, his charisma, presence, voice, will electrify the gathering, again, expected to arrive here september 25th, through the 27th, for those closing events, we have much more on this throughout the day including a press event that begins at 11:00 this morning with more details, so stay with us both on air, and line, reporting live in certain city, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i countdown officially on, jan, thank you. pope francis will visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families, whose target date friday september 25th. on saturday september 26th, the pope is holding a celebration of family life. then on sunday september 27th, papal mass, both on the ben franklin parkway and the public is welcome. here's your traffic and weather together. katy? >> it is chilly out here this morning, ukee, but the most notable weather accessary that you will want to have on hand today is the rain gear.
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so, we will be dealing essentially with a all day wash out here, some spots have seen little bit after lull along the way here this morning, but, basically, what's been happening, as we go first to storm scan3, is the warmfront, associated with the latest storm sim at the has been moving on throughment doesn't necessarily mean it feels very warm outside, but that technically what it is, and that's also the reason that we are looking at strictly rainout of this latest storm. but, again, warmfront first, cold front later, and that means heaviest rain is yet to come. meanwhile, we take a look at some of the area temperatures, just because it is warmfront, doesn't mean it is warm outside. low 40's at best here, at least in this choice view locations, live neighborhood network, again just little too warm to produce anything but rain. now, that said, when you walk out the door, have the heavier coat ready to go too. even though expecting the daytime high to hit 57 degrees, which is actually seasonable for a change, soggy day and chilly day, when you have virtually no sunlight to work with here. be ready for.
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that will it is a seasonal day. i will give that you. but very soggy start tort week, thankfully, we are going to dry out as early as this evening, then by tomorrow the sun comes back. but the trade off is a very, very cold one. we will be talking bore temperatures little later in the show. for now, jess, we send it into you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, we go outside right now, see how it is looking on 95, to the northbound lanes here really stack up. >> blue route, just around the commodore barry bridge, sound bound lanes over on the ben franklin bridge, how quickly things can change. few moments ago completely everybody just now you can see all lanes open fortunately, everybody completely stack up the entire lent of the bridge from the toll plaza headed into the city. now over in delaware, 95 northbound, route 273, an accident pushed over into the right-hand lane. blue route little bit slow, the schuylkill expressway heavy eastbound from the blue
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route into the vine st. expressway, about 32 minute trip there. >> more breaking news right now, four philadelphia police officers are hurt when fire breaks out in a possible rooming how the. >> resident killed, three others left homeless. justin finch joins us from the scene to tell you more, justin? >> reporter: ukee, we're told those four police officers are on track to recover. they were taken to einstein for smoke inhalation, overnight, and just behind us, 8:35 chelten avenue, the home they charged inside to douse those flames. know escaped but one man did die. from the outside, hard to see the damage the sunday fire left behind. but on the second floor of 835 chelten avenue, firefighters found the fire and a man dead. >> they did have smoke alarms. the smoke alarms alerted one of the resident, he got everyone else out the building. >> three other inside escaped, but four philadelphia police officers were sent to the hospital.
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fire commissioner, derrick saw err, said they tried using extinguishers to put the fire out themselves. >> we also transported four police officers to the hospital for minor injuries. they were trying to extinguish the fire, prior to the fire department arrival. but they were in stable condition. >> all four taken to einstein for treatment of smoke inhalation. >> and, again, those four officers are expected to recover from their smoke inhalation injuries, looking live at the house, where all of this happened late sunday night, and there are some questions this morning, one l & i will answer, which is was this home illegally subdivided? the fire officials will figure out this fire, what the cause was that set off sunday night. the red cross is assisting, we are told, three people. we are live in germantown, justin finch, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> all right, justin, thank you. we are following more breaking news right now. three people were hospitalized, after a fire at this home in north philadelphia overnight. it happened along the 3,000
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block of north 17th street, just before 2:30 a.m. firefighters rescued four people, from a porch roof. investigators are work to go figure out just how that fire started. >> at the yield old boy lucky to be alive this morning after police say he accidentally shot himself in the face. with his father's revolver. it happened saturday night outside an auto repair shop in darby township delaware county. officer steven mummo of the sharon hill police department helped revive that boy, while folcroft officer raised to nearby hospital. >> we deal with tragedy every day, but when it is a child involved, it is hard, it is extra hard, but, fortunately, you're training kicks in, you don't think about that, and you just do what you're supposed to do. >> the boy remains in guarded but stable condition at chop. there is no word on if any charges will be filed against the boy's father. >> isis has released another video claiming to show the beheading of peter kassig, andrew spencer report, kassig is the third american and the fifth western hostage that
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isis has executed. >> peter kassig once said he would never be age to affect political change in syria or in the united stay but in helping syrian refugees in lebanon he could still make a difference. >> over a period of time in that hospital i was able to share a little bit of hope and comfort with some people. they were able to teach me something about themselves than i wouldn't have known otherwise. and we each were given a opportunity to look at the conflict in a different way. >> reporter: former us army ranger, kassig returned to the middle east as aid work nerve 2012. after being taken captive more than year ago, he converted to islam, changed his name to abdul are man, his family said we are sad to hear he lost his life, in his desire to ease their suffering. isis video shows similar figure to one shown in videos depicting the beheading of fourth over western hostages,
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it appears to have been recorded in a different location, though, and this time, there is no statement from the victim. in ago egg's home state of inane, a they had provide for mercy worried about his safety before, they kept their silence about their view of isis. >> and now we can finally express our anger against isis, that we can say they have to go. >> president barack obama issued statement saying, kassig was killed in a act of pure evil, saying, the world rightly associates the terrorist group isis, with inhuman at this. andrew spencer reporting. >> 8:09 right now. ferguson missouri preparing for a grand jury decision on whether to indict the offers here killed michael brown. we have the latest coming up next. >> we'll also tell you why drug enforcement officers made surprise visits to some nfl teams, after this weekend's game. >> and the e-a-g-l-e-s let trying to put yesterday's lost behind them. we'll hear from mark sanchez and coach kelly, coming up
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>> 8:13. slick roads in oklahoma city. several car crashes.
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see folks spinning out there. that has just feet way a -- away from another accident. all it took, just few inches of snow yesterday to make this a nest on -- mess on the roads. first storms always do. that will fortunately though just talking rain today, right, katy? >> and i always find, too, with a lot of storms, a lot of times the lighter and the tends to bring the biggest havoc, because it is not as obvious that it is a problem out there. but snow is not our concern. although, with this storm system, which we got to start on nice wide zoom to show in you its entirety, does span the entire eastern seaboard, obviously quite a bit of snow on its back edge, strictly rainmaker for our area. you can see little local, still is, across southern new jersey most of delaware, but more on the way, more of the moisture starting to nudge north, from the southwest, and that's actually going to mark the arrival of the next cold front. we had the cold front cross through, that's what is going to bring the heaviest rain. currently just dreary and
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chilly outside. even despite us calling it technically warmfront, nothing warm about this forecast today, it is a little bit miler by comparison, we take you through future weather, here you go. slug of rain, slug of moisture moves in just in time for the lunch however, if you have any errands to run, perhaps you wait it out if you k might be better to do it this evening, since dodging this kind of mess, as the afternoon approaches, even the early evening rush, but by i would say 8:00, all out of here. so looking good, beyond this point, but man the temperatures take a hit in the wake of the system. currently at 42 degrees, too warm for anything but plane old rain, but very, very chilly rain. and we are expecting a high of 57. heading into tuesday, look at the plummet on the thermometer, at best, hitting 33, but it probably won't feel any better than the teens when that wind is blowing economic out blue route around route one, hardly moving on the southbound lanes, northbound
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not too much better. brake lights up ahead head northbound, vine st. expressway, around the schuylkill expressway, westbound, right beyond this, right approaching the schuylkill expressway here, and even approaching 95 see a lot of brakes lights there, a lot of slow going, over in delaware, few accidents to lift off. fifty-nine northbound, route 273, and one not too far away 495 northbound near philadelphia pike. over on the pa turnpike also an accident there, eastbound, at downingtown, and 20 minute delays on the patco speed line there. mass transit currently not having any other problems. , for septa, new jersey transit and dart, and currently at the philadelphia international airport. >> grand jury any ferguson, missouri expected to decide soon on whether or not to indict a white officer for shooting unarmed black teen. after the protest in the street, demonstrators braved freezing temperatures to mark and protest against police
8:16 am
violence. >> nearby town, businesses boarding up windows, bracing for grand jury decision. one protester worse is about police reaction to the protest. >> want the flies leave us alone, let us protest peacefully like we have been protesting peacefully and stop engage on us to make us react to the action. >> the american civil liberty union in missouri also calling for restraint by law enforcement. >> at least 2nfl teams got unexpected visitors after their games yesterday. dea agent showed up un announced to question the medical staff on the san francisco 49ers, and the tampa bay buccaneers. it is part of a investigation into claims that former players that teams across the league would hand out addictive painkillers without proper prescriptions. no arrests were made. >> eagles still have a lot of football left to play in season, let's not judge the entire season on really bad game. packers won big yesterday.
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quarterback sanchez had a tough day, opened receivers, but still through for 346 yards couple of touchdowns, a lot of the young jarred and but put it up in the air. got nice reps. also through two interceptions, one returned to the house. >> greenbay over the birds 53 to 20. >> we just didn't get going early enough. started little bit, then just didn't look as sharp as we should have. and i thought the game plan was good, i thought it was perfect, you know, we came in here with the right minds set. sometimes that's the way goes. >> keep you are your head up young man. packers quarterback aaron rogers through for 341 yards three touchdowns, coach chip says, yes, he played very well. >> he was as advertised, right now playing as good as anybody in the league. you look at some of the balls he threw extremely accurate on target. >> eagles take on the tennessee titans neck week on
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our sister station cbs-3, the titans lost to the ravens last week and will play the steelers later on, so have short week. new england patriots blue out the colts in prime time play last night. joining us, ran for career high 199 yards and franchise record four touchdowns in indianapolis. patriots now eight and two on the season, won six straight, top 40 mark in points, four times since september 29th. >> sixers wrap up road trip against the spurs. six remembers still looking for their first win of the season an after dropping fives nine games. i want see them play hard after they lost by what 53, the next night lost to the rockets by one. they came back. >> they can do it. >> all right, well you might hit the treadmill at the gym, what about walking while you're at work? >> sitting too long can impact your health. treadmill desk becoming more popular.
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>> first whahat's coming up tonight on the "cw philly".
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american spends 13 hours a day just sitting. but, perth say you may want to be aware of the chair. >> now, according to research prolonged sit impact everything from back pain to weight gain to heart health. one philadelphia based company is trading in the traditional work environment and taking a stand when it comes to their employees health. >> you won't find james chin sitting down on the job. >> i am walking while working. i usually like to take my meetings while i walk. so, it gets the engine up here pumping out, especially new ideas. >> but not at the gym, either. for janes just another day at the offers. >> working with the treadmill, you can adjust up and down. >> pharmaceutical company glaxosmithkline, it is all about smart choices, when it comes to job productivity. choices that include an accessible fitness center, rooftop relaxation area, and natural lighting everywhere. along with healthy food options. but how about this? treadmill desk, or walking stations, are a key option to getting employees moving in the right direction.
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>> it increased my productivity. >> of course if treadmills aren't your speed. >> i don't usually dot treadmill. i am a heals girl. but dow like to stand at my desk. >> finds adjustable height ding. >> this 95% stands to work stations, energize people, may burn more calories, like 250 to 300 extra calories a day, and they actually reduce the risk of things like heart disease, really compelling medical evidence, that shows, yes, you spent a lot of time sitting your body releases chemicals that increase fat in your blood, and bad cholesterol, ldl cholesterol. >> most people don't spend the entire day standing but even some small changes are producing positive result. >> might sit stand, i using standing 25% of the time i am move up and down throughout
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the day, like when you get the afternoon sleepy, i crank it up, it energizes me. >> we're not meant to be sedentary. you can feel the difference, when you are standing, and i mean i can come back to my desk in the afternoon and i feel inspired to just keep working. >> literally taking a stand for their health. not just talking a talk. but walking the walk. >> they have absolute beautiful building over there at the navy yard. great group of employees. thanks so much foror having us over. >> fight those afternoon sleep is. >> we'll be back in 30 seconds. arrows? and he said, they identify the tumors. he said, six months will be a long time for you to live. i heard the lord's voice. i heard the lord say, just rest. that's the beginning of thinking, i am being healed. he reached down and touched my life. >> on "the 700 club," mon
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good morning, i'm ukee washington, pope francis has confirm his long anticipated trip to philadelphia. attending the worm meeting of families next september, the pontiff made announcement in a speech to a conference on traditional family values at the vatican. now the vatican will announce more details of the pope's trip to philadelphia, his first to america next spring. your forecast right now with kate in the weather center, good morning. >> good morning, happen mine day everybody, might be little bit more difficult to get out the door this morning, when you have got to factor in the weather because it will be a soggy day, you can see, a bulk of moisture headed our way here through the virginia's, will take over the map once again, so even little lull, heads up to southern new jersey, and delaware. just a day that requires up an
8:26 am
umbrella, rain gear, little milder but 57 degrees, actually where we should be, and with the clouds and the rain it, does still feel chilly outside. now un clearing skies, the wind kicks in, the temperatures plummet to 29 degrees through the overnight, but at least the rain is out of here, and then we just in for very chilly couple of days, especially tomorrow, the coldest we've had yet this season, and that high of 33 with the wind might not feel any better than the teens. jess, over to you. >> i hate hearing it every time. good morning, everybody, something else you will not really like to hear on the 59 around cottman avenue, fortunately the northbound lanes headed toward northeast philly are moving great. you can see the southbound lanes, toward center city, missing out the right hand shoulder due to ongoing construction, but headed southbound toward center sit at this will be sticky shot there. now over on 495, northbound, closed out in delaware near philadelphia pike. your alternate to get around the area as they clean up the accident scene just take route 13. ukee, back over to you. >> thanks so much. next update is at 8: 55, up next on cbs this morning, the
8:27 am
first african-american cast of the phantom of the oprah. more local news weather traffic and sports, we're on the "cw philly" on these channels, i'm ukeee washington, have a good morning.
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that big breaking news that puts philadelphia into the spotlight, pope francis confirms, he's coming to town. >> he'll be here next september, for the world meeting of family. good morning, everyone, "eyewitness news" reporter january kariba i owe at the offices in center city to tell you much more about it, high, january, good morning. >> good morning, a the love excitement here in philadelphia this morning, to put it into perspective just how big this announcement is,
8:30 am
that pope fran sits is indeed coming to philadelphia for the world meeting of families in 2015, well, back in 1979, when pope john paul ii, visited philly, his papal mass attracted more than 1 million people, officials here today, say, pope francis is expected to draw more than 2 million people. now, the official plans aren't finalized yet, but we do hear that he will arrive here in philadelphia, on september 25th, and stay here, through september 27th. and he will participate in the closing events, now, this announcement, has been a long time coming, and the pope made it this morning, in rome. and archbishop charles chaput here to hear it along with the delegation of the world meeting families, see here, in rome, earlier this year. exact details of the papal visit will be released in the spring or summer of in next year, but has announced likely the pope will participate in who of the clothing events, one called the festival of families september 26th, pay papal mass sunday the 27th.
8:31 am
both open to the public, and both will be held on the ben franklin parkway, right here, in the heart of philadelphia, organizers of course have been planning for months, already, but now that it is confirmed, the pope coming, they'll really start to work on where the pope will stay, where he will go, all of his security, after all, again, his papal mass alone is expected to attract 2 million people. real a blessing for our country. >> now, this is the first time pope francis as a pope will visit the united state, also the first time world meeting of families will be held in the united state so all of this coming together in one big event, next next september 2015. we will get much more information on this event, later on today at press conference at 11:00. of course keep to up date with us both on air, on line, at we are reporting live in center city this morning, jan
8:32 am
carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, thank you. once again as she told us pope francis will visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families. his arrival date is friday september 25th. thin sunday a papal mass. won't event on the ben franklin parkway, the public, is welcome. "eyewitness news" has confirm the latest ebola patient brought to the united state has died. doctor martin celia was being treated at nebraska area hospital and was in extremely critical condition, the 44 year old arrived, after being infected as working as surgeon in his native country sierra leone. also legal us resident was the tenth ebola patient to be treated on us sallyann on the third treated at nebraska -- nebraska medical center. much more throughout the morning. traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning.
8:33 am
this is a soggy start to the week for sure. but it is promising to be much quieter pattern, as soon as we get rid of the storm system, will zap the energy out of the atmosphere, so we ends one more sun, but also zapping any warmth out by the time we hit tomorrow. the here and now soggy beginning, to the day, certainly most of the day looks as though it will feature some wet weather. we had little break, there see how the heavier moisture starting to basically just nudge right back in, to our western suburbs, almost like it is moving right up i-95. so matter of time essentially before we start to see everybody get back into the throws of the wet weather. meanwhile we actually have winter weather advisory strictly for the poconos. so if you are perhaps traveling north up toward the i08 corridor, just watch it, while we are still seeing some rainfall up this way, what we are worried about it is still coal enough it could still freeze on contact. so that's well represented just by looking at the thermometer reading. thirty-two currently mount pocono, marginal enough do you have watch out for some freezing on the roadways, with any rain that falls down.
8:34 am
everybody else, though, this is strictly a rain making event, it is coal, but it is a little too warm, for it to be anything but plane old rain, miler day, also watch it, we have a loft wet leaves on the roadways, sort of matted down now, because of the rain, and a lot of clogged drains i think as a result here with any of the rain that's going to fall it, could lead to some ponding out there. if the drains are clog up with the leaves. just keep that in mind. jess? >> thanks, slippery conditions and backups everywhere. we start off on 422, trooper road, trooper road right in here, that wraps around onto 422 eastbound. where you can see the delay toward the king of prussia area. it is pretty severe. also losing out the right hands shoulder there looks like cones oath therefore con going construction, over on the ben franklin bridge doing poorly out here, from the jersey side, so from the toll plaza completely stacked all lanes open the only good news i have that way. but headed westbound into the city you can see a lot of slow
8:35 am
going, brake lights. delaware 495 northbound closed near philadelphia pike due to accident, alternate to get around the area for now to take route 13. over on the pa turnpike eastbound, downingtown a dent there. over on the right hand lane blue route southbound real slow about 30 minute shot from the schuylkill expressway into 95, and the schuylkill expressway pretty heavy as it has been all morning, and headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway about 32 minute trip there. over to you. >> thank you, updating our other breaking news story this morning, man killed in a fast moving house fire in philadelphia over night. >> four police officers were hurt while trying to douse those flames. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at the scene in germantown with how the office remembers now doing, justin, good morning. >> good morning, erika. now that the fire is over, the investigations are beginning, l & i trying to figure out if this home here was illegally subdivided and fire marshals now trying to figure out just what caused this fire that injured four officers and left a man dead. fire breaking out near boyde
8:36 am
street at about 11:00 sunday night, alarms did go off inside and three people did leave safely, and after those flames were knocked down, firefighters did go inside the second floor, to a middle room, where they found a man dead. there were attempt ups to rescue the occupants inside, four police officers with extinguishers in hand went inside. >> would transported four police officers to the hospital, for minor injuries, trying to distinguish the fire, prior to the fire department arrival. but they were in stable condition. >> those officers suffer smoke inhalation, taken to einstein, they're expected to recover, meantime, the red cross assisting three people at this time. again, l & i investigating the status of this home. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. fire commissioner saying this is the 28th fire death in philadelphia so far this year.
8:37 am
live in germantown, justin finch, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" pill. >> i thank you can for that. >> another security breach to tell but on the brook lidge bridge. new york -- new york city police have taken french tourist into atlantic city after he climbed the landmark to take photos. charged with wreckless endangerment and trespass. >> terror on the tracks in the new york city subway system, search on for a man who shoved a man into a moving train. talking to the relatives of the victim. >> nypd detective aggressively searching for this man, in a case that's renewing a strap hangar's worth fear. >> police say around 8:45 a.m., someone pushed a 61 year old man on to the subway tracks, as a d train was approaching the 167 street and grand concourse station in the bronx. the victim was killed. identified as ray quinn kwok.
8:38 am
it captured moments after. rushing to the scene, while a woman, believed to be the victim's wife, is escorted into an ambulance, police sources say she watched her husband's fatal plunge. >> how is his wife? >> fine. >> the family member who answered the couple's door does not want to be identified, but he does want people to know what casino of person he was. >> he was a good man. he was family man, provides for his family. >> so why would somebody push him? cops don't have an answer. police sources say the attacker pushed him from behind, the two did not exchange words, there was no struggle. tan does not look like attempted robbery. leaving passengers afraid it could happen to anybody. >> not safe no more, not safe. not safe now. no, not cameras on the train watching the people, people going to work, people going to church, now things like this happens. that's a tragedy.
8:39 am
>> well today marks four months since malaysia airlines flight crashed it ukraine killing all 298 people on board. crews began collecting debris from the crash site yesterday. they recovered plane fragment, headed to the government controlled city city for analys. ukraine and the west have blamed pro russian separatists for the disaster. meanwhile new amateur video has surfaced reportedly showing the immediate aftermath of the crash. it was obtained by the associated press television network. you can see people gathering around as thick plumes of smoke rise from the fields, where that plane went down. >> well, this crust ship in california is back at sea after almost 200 passengers got ill on vacation. the norovirus outbreak sickened 158 passengers and 14 crew members, on the crown princess. the crews cleaned the ship when it returned to port yesterday morning and already left for next trip last night. second norovirus outbreak on the ship just this year.
8:40 am
>> a homeowner confront a would-be robber and it caught on camera. when spotted it would be burglar, at seattle home, he couldn't fronted him at the front door. myers recognized him from surveillance footage from when that man allegedly broke into his basement earlier this is the week. the second trip ended when fistfight, and arrest by seattle police. >> leader of rock ban nursing an injury this morning. >> coming up tell you what happened to bono after accident on his bike this weekend. also this -- also we have this. >> ♪ >> rapping wife to doesn't skip a beat. wait until you see her re when is she finds out her husband has it all captured on camera. >> oh, that's not fair, man, when you are rocking out. >> we'll she it to you, gone viral, when we come back. >> ♪
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overjoyed. >> all right. yes, indeed, one is happen when it rains. you know, i'm happen when you'll -- when you're curled up on the couch, with your hot cocoa -- >> back to work, come on back! >> traffic and weather together, see you in a bit. >> ♪
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>> today's words, ouch. bono fell off his bike white traveling around central bark. >> had to have surgery. u2 is supposed to be the house band on the tonight show this week, but now have to cancel. news of the fall comes just days after the rear hatch flew off aircraft taking the singer from dublin to berlin. ♪
8:44 am
>> oh, legend stevie wonder bridges his unique sounds to philadelphia. the crowd was on its feet at the stage limited engagement tour of songs in the key of life at the wells fargo center last night. release name sake albumn 1976. he has 25 grammies, an oscar, goal end globe, plus in the rock-and-roll hall of fame. and just a classic. >> still doing his thing, and doing it very, very well. no doubt about that. time 8:44, hey, husband secretly records his wife rapping in the car. >> then did what every good husband does, he posted it on youtube. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, she was rapping along to salt and pepper none of your business. her husband included a sweet title for the video calling it
8:45 am
the cutest gangsta i know, my wife. gone viral with more than 2.7 million views, since it was posted. >> she has the neck work, the neck working, oh. >> oh! >> oh, that's great. that's great. >> hey, katy? >> so awesome. that's so awesome. i know it has to be embarrassing, i hope my husband never catches me by shoop by salt and penner. don't think he would ever do that to me. out to the eyewitness weather watcher, slew of hoaxing coming in, current temperature we found coming in from you guys, generally, upper 30s, low 40's, we take you on little tour here and go around the region, see house things are checking in. thirty-three great up rain falling in blue bell right now. said light rain, cold dreary start to the day. elsewhere, further off to the south and west, gary sent in just in the last five minute, 41 degrees, very similar,
8:46 am
dreary start to the day out his way, as well. one more, this is new be to the weather watcher network, rochelle sent in, from hammonton, 40 degrees, as well. and again very similar sentiment, very gray, very dreary, very wet monday morning for us out there. thankfully just one day event, then we start to see quiet weather unfold, problem is going to storm scan3, this is going to be ushering some very, very cold air, in its wake here, go ahead, take a look here, wide zoom obviously shows pretty decent snow on the back edge. severe weather threat through the deep south. ending one sort of glancing blow by comparison at least but all day event. at the moment, light rain, tail end of the loop, take a look, little pink shows up here across the carbon monroe area. there is winter weather advisory since extended for carbon, monroe county, for some sleet or potential for rain to fall and freeze on contact. future rain and the tell the story. whole day, of additional rain,
8:47 am
but it only looks like at worse topping off at one, to maybe up to 2 inches, absolute, absolute max. probably wouldn't get quite that high in most locations, but it is enough it will clog the drains, it will certainly lead to very slow travel, both the commutes are affected by there is typical ones, high of 57 will feel miler. meanwhile tomorrow cold day despite sun returns, only hit 33, that's bad enough. but might not feel any better than the teens at any point during the day, jess? >> not looking forward to. that will thanks, katie. 8:47. we go outside and check out schuylkill expressway, doing poorly at montgomery, eastbound, toward center city. you can see completely slow going as they just crawl. westbound lanes not really doing too much better headed toward the king of prussia area. and i know over on 95 girard, typical morning delay. southbound delay toward center city area. northbound lanes seem to be moving nicely. over in delaware, 495 northbound, closed near
8:48 am
philadelphia pike to get around that for now, just take route 13, as your alternate. over on the pa turnpike eastbound still accident over in downingtown, push over to the right hand side there. some of the travel times, blue route southbound still slow from the schuylkill to 9a the schuylkill eastbound that we just actually covered second ago from the blue route into the vine street expressway pretty much whole lent there jammed solid real heavy about 31 minute trip. back to you. >> philadelphia attracting international attention, that's because pope francis is coming to the fit i in september of next year for the the world meeting of families. the pope will visit several areas, while he's in the city and he will celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway. >> also breaking right now city officials evaluating structural integrity of the building after deadly fire. one man was killed, four philadelphia police officers injured in the fire on chelten avenue in germantown. and in sports, eagles lost hard yet. agree bay packers scored on offense, defense, and special teams, beat up the birds
8:49 am
pretty good 50 to -- 53 to 20. eagles play the titan at lincoln financial field. game on sister station cbs-3. special report is coming your way tonight on our sister station cbs-3. >> preview of what you will see tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> we got to stop her. i'm convinced she'll do it again. >> i'm jim donovan. "3 on your side" first exposed local woman accused of ac con artist. >> she is absolutely positively doing this to other people. >> she is wanted boy police, and according to new victims, up to her same old scam. >> want to get my money but i would like to see her in jail. >> cbs-3 sounds the alarm to prevent more people from being ripped off. special investigation tonight at 11:00. our time 8:49. paleontologist cents interest drexel have made some amazing discoveries behind a south jersey strip mall. >> of all the of the places they've been digging for years right there in that new jersey quarry. the latest, thousands of
8:50 am
fossiles of animals believe to have been wiped out by the same meteor that killed the dinosaurs. >> if it turns out to be the case, the only window the world has to animals actually killed in that cataclysm that right out the dinosaurs essentially makes the modern world as we know it in a pit behind shopping mall in new jersey. >> who knew. in the same quarry, the drexel team incredible fossiles, including preditor the size after bus. and also, a 7-foot long ancient crocodile, that once lived along the new jersey coast. >> they didn't finds a twinkie down there, too, did they? remember those would last. >> twinkies and cockroach still to come. >> short break. watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". be right back. arrows? and he said, they identify the tumors. he said, six months will be a long time for you to live. i heard the lord's voice.
8:51 am
i heard the lord say, just rest. that's the beginning of thinking, i am being healed. he reached down and touched my life. he reached down and touched my life. >> on "the 700 club," monsso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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judge really reflective, but everything we're thankful for in our lives. >> i'm thankful for all of you, thank you so much for watching. we want to know what you're thankful for. tweet it or put on your facebook wall, hashtag cbs-3. you might see your pictures on "eyewitness news", that time of year, so thankful for you watching. here's your traffic and weather together. >> i know you may not be thankful for what the weather has in store necessarily, but we can get through it together here. looking ahead to the future feels like values. tomorrow early morning, we may not feel like it is any better than the teens, and that's
8:53 am
running theme. there might be like one, two, hours tomorrow, that feel like you're at 20 degrees, the rest, look at this, feels like single digits or teens, all day tomorrow. so, much colder air coming in the wake of today's system, which is just a rainmaker, but you real dow need to have the umbrella rid. pretty much all day event. >> jess? >> not ready for. that will road closure out in delaware, 495 northbound closed near philadelphia pike to get around that for now want to just take route 13, but the rest of the majors, we want to urge you to slow down, little slow, blue route, southbound, 27 minutes there, and about 50 minute on 59 headed southbound woodhaven into the vine st. expressway. >> thanks so much. don't forget thanks for watching "eyewitness news" and don't forget you can watch us at 4:30 a.m. sister station cbs-3, a lot of are you up and so are we. we're waiting for you and ready for you. we bring you the news weather traffic and sports, we like to bring it to you extra early. >> common! >> and then we get at t thanks
8:54 am
for watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". for lore local news weather traffic and sport we're always on at cb sill if i i. com. talk philly coming up on cbs-3 at noon. rainy soggy wet monday, we'll be right back.
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we have an update for you on breaking news from over night. officials are investigating a house fire that killed a man in germantown. four police officers also suffered minor injuries while trying to douse the flames on the 800 block of east chelten avenue. three resident got out safely and are now in the care of the red cross. authorities are investigating whether that building was an illegal boarding house. >> right now got to talk about that rain. it moves in overnight. just hasn't gone anywhere? >> it really hasn't. little lull in the action, erika there is morning, but we had all of the spray coming off the vehicles as you walked or drove down the road here this morning. so definitely soggy start to the day. it is mostly an all day event with this latest storm we're dealing w you can see the next
8:56 am
rounds of moisture, moving on in, after that, again, brief lull for some of you anyway. it is at least bit of milder day a lot closer to seasonable with the high of 57. i urge you to bundle up with heavier coat, rain gear, because of the 57 isn't really feeling like that. very chilly day with the rain and the clouds. later tonight we do clear out. you want chill, really set unless quickly in the wake of the system, guys. look at the drop on the thermometer by tomorrow at best 33 for the high despite sunshine returning to the forecast, there is also a very gusty wind that will be kicking up making it feel no better than the teens. jess? >> thanks, katie, good morning, and not doing too hot out on the schuylkill expressway. almost identical roadways here. so eastbound toward center city you can see completely slow going, everyone just in dark and dreary and foggy and wet headed westbound toward the king of prussia area. problems there, as women. over out in delaware 495 northbound still closed near philadelphia pike. alternate to get around the area for now just to take route 13. and the rest of the majors still really starting to slow,
8:57 am
blue route south slow, 27 minutes, we do want you to go slower too with the roadways. ninety-five southbound about 50 minute there. back over to you. >> thanks, jessica that's eyewitness fuse for now. talk philly coming ought noon on cbs36789 i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great day. stay dry out
8:58 am
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do you need a miracle? >> two people who stared death in the face. >> this man is a walking dead man. he may not make it. >> if you want to be healed or know someone who does, you need to watch this story. >> i don't think what any nay say sayer might say. marry -- prayer does work. >>pat: welcome, ladies and gentlemen, the american people are hoping for harmony in washington. they want to get together. the president said no, i'm going to launch a stink bomb and i'm going to


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